Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Hamptons

We departed Newport, Rhode Island after a few days of fun in the sun and headed south to Sag Harbor, New York. Also known as part of The Hamptons. It was an absolute perfect spot for us to spend a few days & we wished it would have lasted longer!
Sag Harbor is an incorporated village in Suffolk CountyNew YorkUnited States, in the towns of East Hampton and Southampton. The population was 2,169 at the 2010 census.
The entire business district of the whaling port and writer's colony is listed as Sag Harbor Village District on the National Register of Historic Places.
Sag Harbor is about three fifths in Southampton and two fifths in East Hampton. The dividing line is Division Street which becomes Town Line Road just south of the village. Most of the defining landmarks of the village — including its Main Street, the Whalers Church, Jermain Library, Whaling Museum, the Old Burying Ground, Oakland Cemetery, Mashashimuet Park, and Otter Pond are in Southampton. However, almost all the Bay Street marina complex, including Sag Harbor Yacht Club and Breakwater Yacht Club, at the foot of Main Street, is in East Hampton, as are the village's high school, the Sag Harbor State Golf Course, and the freed slave community of Eastville.

Here are the boys chatting out the historical highlights. ha!

This will give you an idea of our locale.
It was a more subdued part of The Hamptons and we couldn't have loved it more!! You didn't have as many crazies running around, tripping over their egos & ridiculousness.

Karen & Andrew gave us a fabulous hostess gift... It was filled with the best the area had to offer and was incredibly "au currant" as the say.

Karen & I dashed off the boat as soon as we arrived in search of the perfect lunch spot. It was the first place we found and delish beyond words!! 
Meanwhile, as Karen & I trolled the town... 
The boys had their own Über adventure tour through the Hamptons to check out the local scene. They 
didn't realize it was this kind of a $$$ crazy scene...
I just love this seaside town!
The marina was its own quaint slice of heaven. 
Here kitty, kitty.
Karen caught me snapping pix of the beautiful swans.

Such a sweet thought of how they mate for life.
Reminds me of Brad & I.

Of course I had to bust a move for the shutterbug.
Twilight in the marina is its own brand of perfection.

We came back from shopping and found the boys with two new friends... From Thousand Oaks no less. It was a father with his daughter on a college tour weekend. Turns out, the father somehow knows a friend of Brad & Andrews' and even bought the building where their friends' office used to be. Small world as usual!
That's what they call...6 degrees of Kevin Bacon baby!

These crazies may have had a beer...or two. Fence hopping at its best! And time to get ready for dinner. 
With the restaurant so close to "home", it sure has its conveniences. Haha!
Bish stood watch making sure everyone made it on & off the boat safely.
The swans came to visit and I was so happy to feed them some stale bread. And yes, my fingers are still intact!
We readied for our night out at The American Hotel and were so looking forward to dinner there!
       With ants in our pants obviously.
This place had an old school charm that was incredibly special. I somehow snagged an impossible last minute reservation while I popped in that afternoon. 
A big thank you to Julian the adorable maître d' who made it happen!! 
This was such an idyllic spot. People were dressed smartly as can be, and some sat in the lobby playing backgammon to their hearts content. 
Andrew and Brad chatted world politics of course. 

We couldn't get over their beyond massive wine list. They had one busy sommelier!
After dinner we adjourned to their piano bar room for dessert and an after dinner drink. Everyone started singing to old familiar tunes. Such electricity in the air! You just couldn't duplicate this place or it's insatiable charm. 
We arrived back on the boat at a late hour and one of our infamous dance parties broke out...

Brad turned into a jumping bean. I couldn't even get the shot as he was moving around like a spazz. Love it!!
Trixie dazzled with her moves and scared the bejesus out of Andypants in the process. 

Then Andrew thought it was time for fishing.. Classic! Guppies were everywhere with the underwater lights on, and every so often you'd see a bass or two swim past. Sadly, nothing was caught except for a good giggle!
Karen & I gave our best selfie a shot. Lol!
Andrew couldn't stop groovin' and bedazzled us with his moves. Who knew he could tango?! I think he learned it from Ronald Reagan back in the day...
An epic night we won't ever forget. 

The next day we ventured out to Shelter Island for lunch at Sunset Beach. 
An infamous hotspot that's been there for decades and reminiscent of my fave restaurant Club 55 in the south of France. 

Here's their boat service to shore!
Rollin' up on the beach. 
First up- we stumbled upon the massages on the sand...Under a sweet tent no less! I was surprised to see 4 bodies lined up, no sheet over them and letting it all hang out. Too funny. 
You never know what you'll see at the beach!

Speedo guy was obvi in heaven. 
This place was just as I remembered it from 17 years ago! Laid back chic, rustic & charming.
We ran into my dear friend Mary Mac whom I've known over 15 years. 
We had a great view of the bay and kept our eye on Incognito as the sand there was infamous for anchor slippage.
  Their crudité was delish!
As was the grilled Branzino and rosé I had for lunch!!
Mary was there with her old neighbor Hamish and her friend Lynn whom I hadn't seen in over a decade. Her sons were adorable. 
Lynn's hubby was busy out fishing for Mako sharks and caught one off of Montauk that day. Impressive. 
Andypants surveyed the "scene".
Ahoy there!
Andrew attempted to hitch a ride. These guys looked like they were up to no good and having a ton of fun! 
Meanwhile...back at the massage tent.
You never know what you're in for. 

We opted for a Kodak moment instead.
This guy brought his own masseuse. She was busy cracking his back.
Who knows what we'll see next. Could be time for headbands & roller-skates!

We headed back to the boat after a nice long lunch.
And waited in the shade for their boat shuttle service back to Incognito. 
Sassypants- front & center.
This boat was darling and named Walley World. 
So apropos with the new release of the Vacation movie franchise. 

Lucky for us, Incognito was still floating!
Trixie, looking fab- had an unforgettable afternoon and summed up all the fun we had. Ha!
A gorgeous day was upon us and the cruising was sublime, albeit a little too short as we headed back to the marina. 
More relaxing was in order.

Bishtastic delights awaited.
 His cucumber and rubbed kale rolls were insanely yummy! 
That evening we had a dinner planned with friends of Andrew & Karens.
We were headed to Barons Cover for din din. They had just done an extensive renovation of this charming hotel and it was supposed to be a great spot. (Thanks to my tipster Beatrix!) We could have hung out on those rocking chairs on their front porch for hours. 
Their interiors were very well done.

Andypants & his friend Jerry talking' smack.
   His wife Sue was a doll! Turns out her friend did the cute interiors.
We enjoyed such a great dinner there and shared some great giggles. 
I think we were all pooped out by the end of this day!

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