Saturday, August 15, 2015

Boston... We Are Baaack!

Pulling into Boston was a bit different than our last experience. We had the awesome scent of stanky rotten eggs wafting through the harbor as we approached which ended up inside the boat for a bit. 
Beantown was on the horizon.
The weather was sunny, however it was insanely HOT and humid out. 
So much for the gorgeous summer weather we had in Maine. 
Brad navigated into the harbor. What a great view of the city! 
The local Boston Harbor water taxi. 
An old shipbuilding warehouse on the wharf that is now an apartment building. 
And the master at work.. 
Backing into our slip. 
Wendy and Billy were ready for FUN! 
I loved how the marina had decorated their security gate with these used buoys. 
            The tea party museum. 
Brad and I ventured out on Bostons infamous Harbor Walk which went all along the waterfront forevah. 
Who knew we'd run into Gillettes World Shaving headquarters? Hilarious! I was ready for my close-up. 
We even ventured through Bostons Chinatown. They don't have anything on the best one in San Francisco however!

Channeling my inner gangster as I lean against this mailbox and clearly ignoring the "no standing" rule.
It was SO hot out that you just couldn't quench your thirst. 
So we decided it was time for our fave... Dingy ride through Boston Harbor on the Charles River!

It looked like the coastguard boat was giving tours.
          Wendy & I were ready to have fun in the sun...taking in every morsel of this historic port!
This is where you go if you misbehave on a boat. To the marine clinker!
We ventured into the locks. I had no idea that there was a lock here like the ones we experienced in Panama!
Billy was a champ and held the dingy tight to the edge as the lock filled up with water. 
       What an epic feat of engineering. Just stunning!
Once we reached the desired fill level, the doors opened and off we went.
We were heading toward Cambridge in this photo below. Harvard & we come!
          This was quite the low bridge, but we had plenty of clearance and didn't hit our noggin's.
These walls have been here for hundreds of years. Oh- the tales they could tell!
Sections of this bridge were formed to look like old Viking ships. 
The sabots were out competing & those red sails really made a statement~
No fun here at all.
This was the MIT sailing school. 
One of the many MIT buildings in Cambridge.
Wendy & Billy decided that it would be a good idea to get dropped off over in Cambridge so Billy could tour both MIT and Harvard. I love my nephew setting his sights so high at 15years old!
So, the sailing school looked like a great drop off point and that is where they ditched us. ha!
We headed out on our own disco cranked!
Who knew that you could dingy over and tie up right in front of the town mall? Needless to say, neither of us got out. Who can shop when there's this kind of fun to be had?!!
Back to the locks we went...this was so cool to experience from the low profile height of our dingy.
The height measurements were easy to read after centuries of use.
We also cruised by Converse world HQ. I gave a shoutout to Chuck Taylor.
What a historic skyline that many of our ancestors experienced.
Back at the dock, the wind was blustery. You can see that it was pushing us away from the dock.
We later took a walk into town and checked out the local opera house. What dramatic splendor.

Did I mention it was hot out? We're talking hotter than Jon Bon Jovi kinda weather. 
How cute is this little book shop? Clever!
The side alley was filled with used books. I'm betting this doesn't run all year round.
The streets were busy and filled with tourists.
And performers abounded!
Now this takes some serious talent..or he's just plain crazy!

This was adorable. What great marketing for cookies! 
Someone is jealous!

That afternoon a storm front moved in.
Gusting winds, blowing rain, & then..
Here's a video of the on the arrow in the center of the photo. 
YouTube don't let me down! If the video doesn't come up, then click on this link.
We couldn't believe the golf ball sized hail stones that pelted down on us in sweltering 90 degree weather! Global Warming or??
I absolutely love this photo! Calm after the storm.

I'm not sure why their dough is so special to warrant a cart café, but different strokes.
Billy really wanted to eat at this fun restaurant that he saw earlier in the day after touring MIT, where people wore silly hats the waiters made for them. So off we went for a dining adventure!As we approached the hostess podium, she warned us that this place was rude, completely irreverent and to expect the worst. With that said, we were seated at a long "family style" table filled with 8 teenage girls who were about 13-14 years old. We made Billy take the seat closest to them and being 15, he was completely mortified. Perfection in my book! 
Brad wore his hat well. 
And then... I guess I was too sassy for our waiter and this happened. 
How is this legal when the waiter wrestles the patron? Suffocation much?!
Meanwhile, I figured that this obnoxious atmosphere called for Wendy's favorite...blowing in her face! (Yes, I'm the older mature sister. Ha!) She absolutely hates it. duh!
        Even Billy got in on the action. 
Wendy was dying laughing. Mission accomplished!
Oh Lordy! What a fun night and time for bed. 

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