Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New York, New York!

As we pulled into NYC, our Uber driver from AC dropped off Adrianna and I in Manhattan at one of my breakfast faves... Maison Kayser on the UES (upper east side) for a bit o' Paris and some petit déjeuner. (Breakfast) I think my eggs and smoked salmon were some of the best ever. 

   Maison Kayser for a petit déjeuner. 
What they are so well known for, are their French breads. They are rumored to be the best in New York. 
So I had to investigate further, and head back into the kitchen to see the bread maker in action. 
He was a riot and would have posed all day. He told me not to use the pic with the can of Pam spray.(above) Oopsie!
Once the baguettes are made, they are stacked into these charming baskets on wheels and rolled through the restaurant to their bakery section. 
Their Petit Bateau striped shirts we're trés Parisienne. 
We left there and I spotted these peonies & fresh lilies at the corner market. Just beautiful!
A few shops down we came upon the pet shop. Stranger danger! I couldn't look too long or temptation could take over. Haha! Soooo cute.

I have such an affinity for this city! This is where I launched my branding company 17 years ago, and snagged my first big contracted client with Sony Music, then ESPN/ABC and others followed. I sold it a little over 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. 
New York is a great city with SO much energy, culture and inspirations at every turn. It treated me well, and was the best experience I could have wished for!! The friendships you make here last a lifetime. People are very well read, intelligent, articulate and generally quite worldly. You have to persevere here, be tough and on your game daily. My only regret was not moving here in my early 20's instead of my late 20's, but that's just semantics now. Haha!

NYC would not be complete without its own cast of characters! 

Meanwhile, Adrianna and I were at Bergdorffs for lunch and shopping.. The first week of June is so fun as everything is on sale. She corralled some wild horses while there too. 
We had a delicious lunch and fun time sitting in their special "whisper" chairs cracking up. 

Here are the guys as they pulled into New York City. Love this shot!
We are docked for the week at North Cove Marina in Battery Park, at the bottom of Manhattan and right next to the World Trade Center. It was amazing!
It's been 11 years since INCOGNITO was in NYC. Brad purchased her right here, just across the water from where we are now docked. That is when "Chasing The Sun Tour I" commenced, and Brad brought her all the way home! "Chasing The Sun Tour II" was a few years ago when Brad and I cruised from Newport Beach to Zihuatanejo, Mexico over the course of 6 months. Now, here we are... back in New York City and on "Chasing the Sun Tour III". After 7500+ miles, we aren't even halfway through our adventure yet!

Docked at our slip, everyone is checking out the view of the World Trade Center. 
What an awesome sight!! We can hardly stand our excitement...
To be here in Manhattan on our own boat was an outer body experience. Haha!
        The view from our slip. 
And the night views!
   Home sweet home. 
A great aerial view of the marina and its environs in Battery Park City. 
This photo was taken before the two towers were rebuilt. Everyone toured the 911 memorial and museum except for moi. It was too much to bear. I lived in NYC during 911 and don't care to relive those painful memories. Just too heartbreaking and traumatic. They did say that the memorial and museum were reallllly well done and they enjoyed a private tour with Lances friend of a friend who worked for the NYPD the day it happened and now is a muckety muck for the museum. 

And a storm rolls in... Tornado watch in effect and 65mph winds predicted.
 Hard to believe that could happen here, and it's quite doubtful. However, as you can see we are about to get poured on and have added a few extra lines to the boat just in case! The view above is across the river looking at New Jersery. 

     Here is one of our boat neighbors.     Yes, that's a chopper on the top deck! 
And this is him waving goodbye. Ha!
Flash forward to...
Brad & Lance doing some investigative pickle tasting. 
What happens next New York?!!

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