Thursday, June 4, 2015

Coinjock Who?

We departed Manteo and headed north up the ICW to Coinjock, North Carolina. 
Coinjock is an unincorporated town with a few hundred people in its population. Locals even have t-shirts that say "Where The Hell is Coinjock?"

As for the redeeming qualities?
Well... There were some nice fields of wildflowers that we came across. 
Some crab traps might provide an income stream. All in all, nothing to write home about. 
Their only redeeming quality I could find was the marina we docked at for the night. It's used by boaters for a pit stop and that's about it. 
There's only a ships' store and a marina restaurant in Coinjock. Ha! The restaurant is famous (in these parts) for their prime rib steaks and they recommend pre-ordering them prior to your arrival. 
This is the highlight of Coinjock.. Lol! Luckily, it was just for one evening. 
However, I did suggest to Connie that she could find herself a prince at the fishermans bar. Ha! Sexiness.
It would be a great science experiment if anything...

This is the long dock that they PACK boats into. One on top of another. 
Exciting, I know!
Here we have docked right on top of this fishing boat. 
I'm not joking when I say we are on top of them. They wanted to know if we could hand cocktails down to them. Ha! Our bow was hanging over their back deck. I only hoped they didn't drink too much and hit their head on our anchor. 
The next morning was a spectacular day out and I could think of nothing better than to take my turn at the helm. 
        I LOVE cruising the intracoastal!
 Sights and more sights everywhere you turn. 

There was even a Lock in the river that we traversed. 
They had some new doors for the lock laying in wait alongside the canal. 
         My "show pony" posing for me...
The way Brad pulls himself together puts Nicki Minaj to shame.
   All loaded up in the lock. 
Sam is smiling as we unknowingly spazz out on the fly bridge. 
And then we came upon yet another bridge as we headed north into Norfolk.
This one opened vertically, so that was cool to check out. 
Even Lebron wanted in on this action...
And then as we arrived in Norfolk, it looked like "welcome to warship rehab."
Stay tuned for my Norfolk post for more juicy details! 

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