Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May, New Jersey has the largest concentration of Victorian homes in the country. The entire city is designated a national historic landmark due to these architecturally relevant homes.

It's also a designated birdwatching town too.

It seems quaint as can be, however there might be occassional summertime crazy!

We took a long walk into town (a few miles away) as we were only there for one evening and hopped on a little tram that took us around the city. It was as charming and storybook as can be. 
I stopped to stretch and Lance thought he'd join in. Lol! 
We first stopped at an old local firehouse which had an old time engine in it. So well presented. 
We didn't find any firefighter shenanigans there.
Here's why we have smoke alarms in our homes. Yikes!
I popped into the kiddie photo booth. 
The local CBS weather team was doing their on the street "live" report. 
They are watching the threat of thunderstorms like Al would!

Here's a beautiful old church in the center of town. 
Seaside homes ooze charm. They have quite a bustling summer here and rentals galore. 

This is where we had dinner... In The Ebbitt Room of the Virgina Hotel. It was great and such an "authentic" experience. Martini's were yum yum!
      It was sadly too cold to sit outside. 
         So we just posed for a pic...

A bank in town. Good to know you can put your money somewhere "sturdy". Ha!
This seaside home had its own wind turbine. Wow. 
Hopefully it hangs in there in case of malfunction. ha!

You truly see such pride of ownership in this town. 
Allegedly, the homes have to be repainted every five years at a cost of approx $30-$50,000. 
It was a small town, but nice to visit for half a day. 
Next up... A short 40 mile run to Atlantic City! 

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