Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Well, It's been a long month since my last post and we are ready to commence our ocean adventure once again. Yay!! 
We were home the month of February and I had a major surgery to recover from. On the mend and feeling fantastic, we've headed to the Mayan Riviera for a week of fun and activities with Brads business partner Mark & his spouse Kim, their executive team along with their spouses for a company celebration.

We have logged 5,000 miles across our vast oceans and have been loving every minute of it! 

Flying over the Yucutan peninsula...all you could spy were the clear turquoise waters. Such a marvel!
As we sauntered down the dock to our boat in the marina, 
there are little fishies everywhere.
 Great sustenance for the Pelicans!
      I spent some chillax time working 
        on this blog from my phone. Love technology. Makes certain tasks so easy! 
Our first night here we went into Playa del Carmen to check out the scene and see what's shakin' in town...its a lively city! 
We stumbled upon some talented gypsy       street performers getting their game on. 
And before I could blink, Brad was escorted to the center stage with a few other bloakes and given a torch. He sure knows how to light the night on fire..haha!
There was a flaming hootenanny afoot.
And it was fabulous!!

You'd think the town was prepped for our arrival and corporate trip.

This was an interesting retail display at an open air shop. You might be able to buy a white blouse...perhaps?
Or purchase this life size "nugget" for your next Dia de Los Muertos Fiesta. 

We ventured out the next morning on a trek to see what's around the marina. 
It was beautiful out and you can't beat the scenery.
What? A Siesta Station?! Olé! 
My love surveys the scene...
And then when I least expected it, this little gangster popped out and scared the bejesus out of me! 
Later that day we enjoyed a lazy evening and made a great dinner on board. 
We were starving. 

The moon was out early...
Full moon fever baby!
Sunset was idyllic, as was the warm breeze and perfect temp!
Brad manning the BBQ with 
some grass fed Bison. Nom nom! 
The next morning we ventured out on a new trek...We have to get our exercise!
We headed north along an inlet. I couldn't believe the effervescent green!
And then we realized why there weren't a lot of walkers out...
We were in the croc zone! 
Love a little danger with my morning. 
We had to walk past this view once again..could have camped there all day. 
And missed Grandpa scaring me...
I think he wanted to play
"Crouching tiger, hidden dragon!"
We arrived at our hotel today and forgot what time of year it was, until we had this reminder... Spring break!
The pool action was most entertaining. There were a ton of crazed snowbirds fleeing their incessant icy winter and it looked like they hadn't been let "out" in months! No nukes POTUS and no secret email accounts Hillz. Security! Security! 
And we all know who's on 
perma spring break...Brian Williams. 
Back to the poolside, 
I just stared at character after character...
After listening to some blaring music for a few hours, we headed back to our room to ready for dinner and catch this beautiful sight. 

Stay tuned for more Mayan adventures...
And don't forget to change your clocks. Spring forward and fall behind!

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