Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Fun in Belize!

The Belize flag flying on our boat. Tomorrow they will change out this flag with the Mexican flag when they arrive in Cancun and clear customs.
This map will give you a better idea where Belize is located and just how far we've traveled since departing California almost 4 months ago. 
The name of a local cocktail. Too funny!
                   Panties...Who me? 

              Nesting in the tropics!
                   A local cemetery. 
        The boys on their golf cart tour. Brad absolutely loves a good golf cart tour... Especially when he's the tour operator! He gets to make up crazy stories along the way and he loves to pretend it's either running out of gas (which is hilarious when it's electric), has no brakes or skids to a halt. I've had more than one heart attack on his tours.

Brad and Sid attempting to put their own spin on my sassy shutterbug pose. Ha!
        Those tricksters can't fool me...

This is their waiter Jack.. Otherwise known as "Jack-o-pedia." You tell him what state you are from and he instantly tells you the capital, state bird, state flower, population, major sport teams, famous people born there, motto, etc etc etc. He gave new meaning to "Jack of all trades." Me thinks Jack needs to be on Jeopardy!!

And luckily, a jaguar was never spotted on their Mayan adventures here!

And off to Cancun they go. They should be there by the time you read this...and I'll be home pining away for their safe return. 
Cancun is just north of Belize and the boys are arriving ahead of schedule.  Way to go!! 

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