Sunday, January 25, 2015

Panama City

After the kids left, Brad and I had a few days in Bocas to organize the boat and prep it for the next run. We departed at the crack of dawn at 5:30am and headed to Bocas town to catch our flight to Panama. We had the whole day there and had fun touring around the city again. By now, we've been there enough to have our fave spots picked out and even found some new ones too. 
It has seemed like a month had gone by since we traversed the Panama Canal. 

One of our first stops was the local fish mercado where the usual lottery lady was selling tickets outside. 
                                  There was an "interesting" scent in the air amid the hustle & bustle.
                           This group of ladies were busy shelling some mollusk. 
                                            Skinned and these fillets are ready to cook. 
         Outside the market are oodles of kiosks that sell ceviche. This was a popular spot for lunch.
                              Fishing boats lined up in the harbor. Love all the color!
                                  An old church in town..
               And the usual saints found in these old catholic church's. Fascinating pageantry. 
                   My own little angel.. 

Having fun in Casca Antigua, Panama as we kill time until our evening flight home. 
Roadside selfie alert!
A Kuna Indian woman and her hubby. 
We strolled this very very poor area of Panama. It felt quasi safe, and we walked at a brisk clip. It was the locals shopping area and there were zero gringos except for us. I'm sure they were wondering if we were lost as we clearly didn't belong there with the natives. 

We lasted about ten minutes in that barrio and headed to this great jungle-park that overlooked the city. A perfect day and great way to end our grand tour of Panama!

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