Monday, October 27, 2014

Manzanillo at Casa Pelicanos

We had a great time anchoring out in front of our friend Dicks home in Manzanillo. I've enjoyed 20 years of friendship with him & his amazing family... 

Pulling up in Santiago Bay. 

Casa Pelicanos was one of the first homes built down here. I've enjoyed many New Years and Super Bowl fiestas here over the years with friends new & old. You can hardly see the basketball court to the right of the house, but that's where I beat Lyle Wagner (yes, that Lyle of Wonder Woman /Carol Burnett show fame.. Hilarious!) at a basketball game of "horse" umpteen years ago. What a crack-up that was!! I should have been a baller...

Brad & I anchored out and paddled our kayak to shore. I was ready to do a cannonball when I got to the pool. It's super HOT & humid out!! 

Last time I put my toes in this pool there was an iguana at the bottom. What a sight that was! Thank goodness that's not the case now. 

Our friend Diego & Katie's restaurant / beach club...Oasis Ocean Club. It's extremely popular with the locals and the food is nom nom!! There are always large groups here celebrating and enjoying the festivities. You can even be served your food & drinks on the sand. That's my kind of service!

Here's my amigo Diego and his beautiful wife Katie with their little Leo. They are too cute for words! 

Diego and I met when we were both 24 years old and used to have a fun group of friends that we'd rip up the dance floor with. The local discos down here were always so much fun!  

On the right is our fave buddy Dick, his daughter Genna, myself and Brad. As you can see from our empty plates, lunch was terrible. Haha!

If you should find yourself in Manzanillo, this is the spot! 
And now we head south to Zihuatanejo where we will arrive Tuesday morning right when the fuel dock opens!

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