Friday, March 29, 2013

Arrived in La Paz!

We are off on another adventure aboard our beautiful Incognito to the Sea of Cortez this week! But, just when you think it will be a breeze to fly to Cabo, we land and sit on the tarmac for a bit. Then we get to customs which we assume will be a cinch as we only have our two carry-on bags. However, a BIG surprise of about 1000 people were in the customs line and it wasn't moving. Welcome to Semana Santa in Mexico baby! (Otherwise known as Easter week.) That room took over an hour to navigate and make our way through. We did have a few sources of entertainment though... There was a freaky chick in front of us who decided it was proper to put on a fresh pair of undies right in the customs line. As if!! Then she proceeded to use her eyelash curler to "spruce up". Hilarious! Another older woman next to us was puffing away with her electronic cigarette on the sly... Hoping no one would notice. Who knew you could blow smoke out of your nose from an electronic cig? So unattractive!
Finally, we make it through and outside the airport is a slew of peeps at the outside bar. What a riot... Let the fun begin! We head over to National rental car to rent our little white cloud of joy. (which was supposed to be larger, but they rented out our pre-reserved car of course) We had a 3 hour drive to La Paz where the boat is docked at the marina. The drive wasn't bad on all the new roads, and we even drove through the adorable/rustic surf town of Todos Santos. We had planned to eat dinner at our fave spot "Tequila Sunrise" (yummy organic food fresh from the local farms), but with all our delays we had to forge ahead. We had a planned stop for groceries in order to provision the boat for the next week so off to the sexiest grocery store around... Walmart baby! Luckily, they have great produce and we know how to find the things we need. Brad took a pic of the mayonnaise section as it was über stocked up.. Does it look like they have enough Best Foods on hand?
We arrived about 7:30pm to the boat and boy were we pooped & hungry. Danny was sweet to put all the groceries away and we set off for a nice romantic dinner at the Costa Baja resort.
I think this trip will be known as our "nature adventure", so stay tuned for what we may find!!

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