Saturday, February 2, 2013

Manzanillo Mania!

We pulled into Santiago Bay in Manzanillo today and anchored right in front of our friend Dicks house. What a fantastic moment that was as I've known him for 20 years and never had the pleasure of arriving by sea! We found our weekend host in his swimming pool & quickly joined him in the water as it was about 90 degrees out today & sizzlin'. Marilyn, his Texan assistant & "house mom" came out to greet us and had margaritas in our hands within seconds. I haven't seen her in a few years and she looks better than ever! Especially since she's turning 70 this year.
The best moment came when I spotted an iguana in one of the poolside potted bouganveilas, and Gael had to journey over to pet it. Well, the iguana freaked out and took a stage dive right into the pool! Needless to say, everyone screamed & jumped out of the pool like lightening!!! (Including the men) lt was a total scene and we couldn't stop cracking up!! The iguana swam all around and then couldn't get out. So Dicks houseman Javier came to the rescue
with a net and saved our fearful iguana by setting him free on the grass.
Later, we adjourned to the infamous "lunch table" for yummy nibbles and chit chat.
For dinner we went with Dick and friends to my old friend Diego's restaurant called Le Bistro in the Las Hadas marina. His wife Katie's brother, Charlie, is the chef there and what a dinner we had! Katie had just flown in from Colorado when I saw her and noticed that she is 5 months pregnant with a baby boy! We couldn't be happier for her & Diego.
It was fun to catch up with them and also my old friend Leticia who just flew in from Mexico City. I haven't seen her since last summer in France and it's amazing how time has flown by.
We got back to the boat tonight and there were thousands of flyin' fish everywhere.. What a sight!
A very special day spent with new and old friends. The best of times!!!

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