Friday, February 1, 2013

Back to Barra de Navidad!

We departed California today with our good friends Kevin & Gael and Stacy & Mike on our next adventure across the deep blue sea. Sitting at the LAX lounge, we plotted our weekend as we get ready to move the boat south from Barra de Navidad to Ixtapa / Zihuatanejo. All we know is that FUN awaits!!
We flew over the Sea of Cortez and then landed right on the beach in Manzanillo. One of my fave runways in the world.
I snapped a few pix of our guests as they deplaned, and was surprised that the ground crew not only allowed me to take photos but wanted to be in them!
We were entertained by our drivers sign at the airport... Who knew Brad was of Indian descent? Lol!
We arrived to the boat and Danny had it all cleaned & prepped for our arrival. Thank goodness the air conditioning was on as It's super humid & warm, but feels great!!
I love the pic showing the cost of a local hotel in town. It only costs $180.00 per month which includes laundry, wi fi, coffee and a Spanish lesson. What a dealio. Ha!!
Dinner was just fantastic and enjoyed at Marlena's on the beach. The owner was happy to see us again and sent us some yummy après dinner drinks to top it all off.
The boat next to us in the marina had a great captain on it whom we met when we got back to the boat after dinner. (Who grew up in Newport) He said that they had a fresh load of tuna and would we like some? Duh. Yes!! So now we are loaded up with fresh caught tuna. What luck!! and what a fun first day back!

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