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Less than ten miles south of Guadeloupe lies a small grouping of eight tiny islands known as "The Saints." The Îles des Saintes ("Islands of the Saints"), also known as Les Saintes, is a small archipelago of the French Antilles located to the south of Basse-Terre Island, west of Marie-Galante and north of Dominica.

 It is a dependency of Guadeloupe, which, in turn, is an overseas department and region of France. 
(Per Wikipedia)
They are distinctively French and picture postcard Caribbean!
 A lot of people say it's what St. Barths was like before it became a tourist destiantion and commercialized.

We had a great cruise there from Guadeloupe that left Brad elated..
This is what Îles des Saintes looked like as we arrived...
Les Saintes is a volcanic archipelago fully encircled by shallow reefs. It arose from the recent volcanic belt of the Lesser Antilles from the Pliocene Epoch. It is composed of rocks appeared on the Tertiary age between (4.7 to 2 million years ago).[1] By origin, it was a unique island that the Tectonic and Volcanic earthquakes separate to create an archipelago due to the subduction zone between the South American plate, the North American plate and the Caribbean plate.

We hung out on the boat for a few hours after 
arrival since we were in customs' imposed "quarantine" and couldn't leave
 until they "cleared" us into their country.
Once we cleared customs, we all headed to town for a long walk 
and to check out the sights. We were here for 2 days.

As we pulled up at the dingy dock, we noticed that all of the dings were locked to the dock. 
Was there stranger danger afoot?
This was the first time we came across locked dingys on our tour, so it was time to break out 
our supersized chain lock! Dun dun dun...
We got the once over from a few passerby's..
Brad & Bish happily ignored them.
Charm and more charm on this little island.
The walk through town was as cute as can be..

And a reminder that we're not in Kansas anymore...
We found a quaint French place for dinner. 
I say "French place" like there's a choice for something else. ha! not.
The next day we snorkeled a sunken ferry boat,  got some swimming in and then 
headed back to the boat to watch a movie.

There was some heavy rain we had to wait out until it passed. 
By afternoon we had rented Vespas... 
Brad was proud of his French helmut size...
and were off to explore the rest of the island and its beaches. 
Fort Napoleon was a highlight and so well preserved. 
One of the best forts we've ever seen. 
A moat filled with wheat...photographic perfection.
I was proud to see it as my heritage allegedly traces 
back to Napoleon on my moms side of the fam.
I could even spy on our INCOGNITO through the trees, down in the bay below...

The boys decided they needed to toughen up and show off their bad boy side..

We spotted goats everywhere...
We cruised those vespas to the local beach hotspot...

We spotted this funky restaurant in the shape of a ship.

A local rum distillery. 
Love all the colors of the Caribbean!

The line at the local ice cream shop was was HOT as anything out!
There's always a quaint old church in every town.
Catholicism is the prevalent religion here.
This was an interesting take...
We've seen SO many homes that look like the one below. They've been on every island
we've visited south of St. Barths. It gets more rustic and there's a bit 
more poverty with the passing of each island as we head further south...
Some fishermen I spotted sitting on the shore mending their nets. Such a slice of life.
One of their boats beachside.
Shameless selfie to commemorate our day.
As we walked further through the neighborhoods, we spotted this little pool? 
We couldn't quite ascertain what it was since it was empty. But then...
We saw the cages. It was...
A COCK-FIGHTING ring! Ruh ro...
Who knows what was going on there...We weren't going to hang & find out.
Stunning imagery of this vessel as it headed out for an evening cruise...
Sunset was perfection and the best way to call it a day...but first a swim.

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