Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Antigua to Guadeloupe, French West Indies

Checking into our flight last week (yes, this post is in "real time" finally!) with a lone boat fender and parts to our newly improved (Brad Mc Gyvered it) pasareil. The fender was to replace one that popped in a surge if you can believe. The check in lady was perplexed as to what our odd shaped parcels were and had oodles of questions.
Once our overnight (4 hours- we arrived early even) flight landed and we awaited our flight to Antigua, we couldn't hold out any longer...we crashed in the Miami airport lounge. Even the bright lights of Miami couldn't keep us awake. Luckily our phone alarm woke us up. 
I barely made it from the lounge to our breakfast spot...ha!
Luckily, we both slept the whole flight to Antigua. Bish picked us up at the airport and we were back on the boat...home sweet home. Only ten days had passed since we left. Whew. What a whirlwind!

The next day was spent prepping the boat for our next rendezvous as tomorrow we head south on a 9 hour run to Guadeloupe. That evening we went back to our fave spot "Sheer Rock" for a wonderful dinner under the stars.
I should have just worn my bathing suit!
Here kitty kitty...
What a sunset!
We hopped back in our rental car and headed to the marina. We keep forgetting that these cars are driven on the opposite side of the car and the road. Hard to get used to. 
We departed at the crack the next morning...so early that I didnt even get up. Think it was 5:30am. We had a long cruise south to Guadeloupe which took 8 hours. 
5-7' seas were hitting us on the beam and the Bonine I took (like Dramamine) renders me worthless. I feel like a bear in hibernation and turn into a sleep monster. Haha! 
We pulled into Guadeloupe to sunny skies and aqua blue seas. 
This map should give you a better idea of where Guadeloupe is. Guadeloupe is an overseas region of France. Everyone speaks French and their currency is the Euro.  Hardy anyone speaks English fluently. This is going to be fun!! It's been so long since we've traveled somewhere that makes it hard to communicate. This is one of the best parts of overseas travel and exploring other cultures!
All looks good at the marina!
We had to Med-Moor here which was nothing as crazy as St Barths was. There we had to anchor and back down to the dock. Here we just back in and then secure our lines on the dock. The lines on the bow are secured to a mooring ball. Easy peasy! We can't hook up to their electricity as they don't have a comprable amp box to accommodate our boat. Luckily we can run on our generators. Much to the chagrin of a nearby French sailor...
He gave us the stink eye within our first 30 minutes of arrival. Lol!   
We had an interesting dinner at Quai Ouest (Key West) in the Marina. The sever didn't exactly understand our vegan / vegetarian request which made it fun nonetheless. We had a good laugh about it all and our sever was a doll. 

Tomorrow we explore this beautiful island of Guadeloupe!

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