Monday, February 1, 2016

We LOVE St Barths -The Beach Day!

Woke up sore as anything after busting out some antique dance moves..haha! We were off that AM as Brad had rented a center console boat for us to cruise around the island in order to scope out the best beaches and swim at each one. 
Brad adventures remind me of this...
What a blast we were about to embibe in
We enjoyed the gorgeous sunshine and even swam what felt like a mile (it wasn't. Ha!) at one inlet to shore & back. Nothing like a great swim in the sea! Can you spot us lined up on the beach?
There was a little afternoon shower, then
a double rainbow came out to greet us!
We couldn't have enjoyed it more. 
This was our art pose...
The girls soaked up the sunshine...
We were one relaxed group and were so grateful to be sharing this experience!
My spirit animal Brad looked the part. 
The cruise back to the port got a tad chilly since we were damp from the sea. 
So we warmed up in the sunshine. 
Back at the port, it looked like a few more mega yachts had arrived. 
After we finished our boating extravaganza, we got ready for lunch of course! We headed to Nikki Beach club for a verrrry late lunch. 

I was proud of us girls' as we didn't make a fuss for once with our hair & outfits. Straight outta the sea, we slipped on a cover-up of some sort, grabbed a hat and off we went. Brad and Bish had boat errands to take care of, so us girls headed out. Theres nothing quite like a long French lunch where we languish at the table for hours on end. It wasn't too crowded and we had a great lunch laughing and giggling. 
Normally, this is the kind of scene you find there. Lots of dancing and usually on a table...euro style!
Most of the local beach clubs have girls modeling the latest fashions from the beach club boutique. This practice is de riguer in the south of Franec as well. 

Their resident shutterbug had fun getting us to pose after lunch...hard as it was. 
We enjoyed a very quiet evening on the boat after such action packed days and played a few rounds of Mexican train dominoes. Bish cooked us up some late night "scooby snax" and we were off to sleep soon after. 

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