Saturday, August 15, 2015

Portland to Kennebunkport!

After arriving from LA via Charlotte, we landed to find out that my sister & nephew didn't make their connection due to weather. They overnighted in Philly and   got to take in a morning bike ride to see Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Their flight delay sure worked out well and they got to tour a historic city they hadn't planned on...Not to mention a great breakfast at Green Eggs the next day. Brad and I departed the marina in Portland since they wouldn't make it in time and headed directly to Kennebunkport. However, their flight from Philly to Boston got cancelled (again) due to inclement weather. Wendy & Billy finally got a stand-by flight into Boston, then rented a car and drove to Kennebunkport. It felt like planes, trains and automobiles for them! 
They finally arrived after surviving bad traffic out of Boston and were elated to be here. The weather couldn't be better and it smells like summertime!
After dodging numerous lobster traps, we arrived at one of our fave local Marinas...Chicks.  
We got our same parking spot a few boats down from George Bush senior once again. I'm keeping my eye on the secret service this time...So is Billy for that matter. 
    Beautiful estates dotted the coastline. 
How about this underwater sea wall? I'd hate to take a boat over that at low tide. Yikes! You'd think they'd have a warning sign. 
This scenery couldn't be any more stunning!
More locks of love on the bridge in the center of town. 
The tide really rolls back here. 
The love of my life posing for me. Such a trooper!
How charming is this little roadside lemonade stand? It was super tasty!!
The Clam Shack is a popular local fixture here in Kennebunkport. 
I absolutely loved the entrepreneurial spirit one teen had in town. He was selling used golf balls he had collected (albeit at low tide I bet!) and was saving up for a new IPhone and a pair of track shoes. Now those are some smart parents not giving it all to their son and making him work for it! Teaching valuable skills at a young age will only propel him in his future. 
Wendy and I had to pose at this cute mini faux lighthouse in town. We did learn that the town on one side of the bridge is known as Kennebunk, and the other side of the bridge is known as Kennebunkport. Who knew?!

There was a real pride of ownership throughput town. 
The "closed" sign on a local antique store was a crack-up! Shut it down baby. 
Lots of duckies looking for nibbles. 
Again, with this amazing scenery!
Sunset at the marina. Perfect lighting!

We enjoyed a "Bishtastic" long & leisurely dinner on board. Bish has cornered the market of captain/chef!
And called it an early night. 

The next am, we rented some kayaks and headed up river to see what scenery had in store for us. 
It was definitely going to be a HOT cooker of a day out! 
Wendy & Billy were psyched for this adventure! 
     So we're we!!
As you can see, Brad has spent years as a competitive rower. 
The local sailing school kept their sabots on a floating dock. I loved the reflection. 
Bish and his son Luca went with us, and Luca was in heaven. He spent half the time in the water. Such a cutie. 
The sun was hot and high, a light breeze floated through the trees and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Until... We had to paddle back upriver against a rising tide and unbelievably strong current. We had to paddle through some bouts of whitewater and give it all we had. Wendy & Billy barely made it through and had to jump in and push their kayak away from the rocks slipping all over the place on the moss covered River rock. It must have taken them over a half hour to get through it. I wish I had a photo nugget of that chaos! They can now laugh at their expletive filled experience... We know we sure did!!
     We survived. 

My us through the whitewater. 

Afterwards, Wendy & I went into town to grab some lunch for everyone. This café sure had a popular hot sauce! I wasn't brave enough however. Meow. 
All of us were completely spent after a day in the HOT sun. Wendy & I later took a walk and perused town. The boys were back at the boat trying their hand at fishing. 
      It was such an incredible day out. 

Brad, Wendy and I walked down the street to Mabel's Lobster Claw for dinner that night.
The place was packed. 
  Wendy had a good scare. Ha!
     Brad loved his lobster!
 It's an institution here and one where The Bush's have brought many heads of state, etc. What a crack-up they must have had at such a non-fussy and authentic Maine experience. It was a plastic bib and roll up your sleeves kinda place. 
Billy and Luca wouldn't tear themselves away from fishing to join us for dinner. 
They had a ball catching crabs in the bay and had over 30 at last count. 

They kept them in our bait tank and dropped them back in the water when they wore themselves out. It was a stellar summer day!

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