Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sightseeing in Panama

We had a great day yesterday checkin out the sights and sounds of Old Panama today. Brad and I had previously done a "recon mission" last week through the town so we would have just the "muy especiál" highlights to show the "fam". 

But first... We bid adieu to our captain Danny who was heading home to Mexico to spend Christmas with his beautiful family. (Danny is standing behind Brad in the foreground)

And then.. Kat & I doing our best mirror image for the camera. 

It was s busy afternoon at the VIP snack shack...ladies in line tempting their palette. 

The gorgeous handmade crafts from the Darien region. These raffia masks are amazing!!

We came across more Kuna Indians in town at the local artisinal area. This one was more than happy to have her photo snapped and show off her jazzypants. The Kuna are a short in stature society by nature... Second to African Pygmys. Who knew?!

My grandson Wyatt & I patrolling the streets...

On our walk we came across this authentic Panamanian woman in traditional costume. Such a great "eye-spy" moment. The sheer pageantry of it all is fantastic!

A day in old town wouldn't be compete without their Sunday market...treasures to be found!

And as I snapped the market photo, this guy photo bombed me. Ha! 
Domo arigato Mr. Roboto. 

A few locals have spiced up the Calle with their colorful flags..olé!

This storefront is some kind of a tailor with clothes piled to the rafters and one lone sewing machine...however it also seemed like someone's living room and a bunch of people were watching tv. Entertainment galore!

A very proud street vendor making some delicious street comida...

A colorful market bag could be yours..
As for today... We awoke at 5:00am, pulled the boat out of its slip and are heading out to the "waiting room" of the Panama Canals entry point. We are about to journey through one of the 
7 man made wonders of the world. 
Can't even stand the suspense!!!!
Be sure to check out the "live" cameras at the "locks" from my previous blog post if you have a desire! 

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