Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Coladas

A Christmas miracle occurred when the kiddos awoke... Santa had left them presents under the tree! Wyatt was convinced that Santa found us due to the GPS tracking service on his Ipad. What a smart cookie he is!!
Such fun I had planning everyones surprises and Carly's husband Matt made us all a yummy breakfast! Brad had a little "Mc Gyver" work to do as he tried to fix our Mexican tv satellite that went on the fritz...never a dull moment!
We soon dashed off to the beach to stake our claim on some unsuspecting palapas of which we spent the entire day under. Everyone enjoyed our day on the sand...the boys honed their new found skills on the boogie boards with their Dad, Uncle Matt & Pop Pops, and us ladies enjoyed the fine art of doing nothing. There was even a special appearance by a "quad" riding Santa and his trusty sidekick Batman. Haha! Christmas crazy coladas were a fave all around and the fruit bowl creations were an art form unto themselves. The kiddos later used them to build a fruit sand village of fun.
It was truly a beautiful day where we counted our blessings and remembered the reason for the season!

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