Friday, November 2, 2012

And We're Off...

We're ready to start our exciting voyage to Mexico...
Let the "Chasing The Sun Tour II" begin. Olé!

David & Philly B., Elle & Mark Z. showed up for an impromptu 
Bon Voyage. So sweet!

Brad, Sid & Matt are ready for their adventure to begin!! 
They can't stand the suspense... They will be sailing the boat down the coast to Cabo San Lucas where they should arrive in 4-5 days, depending on how good the fishing is!

A little champagne toast is always a must for a proper 
Bon Voyage!

Mattie is working the lines!

The boat has backed outta' the slip...

The final adios to our wives! 

A gorgeous day to set sail!! First stop is Ensenada. They'll arrive tomorrow morning, just before 8am at the fuel docks where they will pick-up our boat hand Danny who is joining us on our adventure. 

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